Zetazen: After the release of Supernova and its latest singles, and after showing that “medicine for the soul” and “music to listen to alone” can sound very strong at the most important festivals in the country, we can say that Zetazen is back. This time on tour and under the name of “ALMA LIBRE TOUR”, the Madrid artist returns to theaters with more energy than ever. Don’t miss out on this unique experience and don’t miss out.

Zetazen is a Madrid musical artist born in 1993.

He began his journey back in 2008, and since then he has taken his music under an elegant, leisurely style, sometimes delusional and other sober; oscillating between the genres rap, trap and r & b, thus forming its own identity to this day.

Characterized by having practically always moved solo, he released his first formal work in 2011 under the title of “Inside”, in which all the musical productions are under his charge and he does not have any vocal collaboration. This pattern is repeated two years later in 2013, with “Atrezzo”. A job that was an evolution in his career.

After some collaborations such as “Correr, pero a qué” with Credens Clothing, “Check in white” with Waor, or “Enemies” with Recycled J, in addition to numerous music videos and singles on its channel, Zetazen released Elegant Pain in 2017 work that for The end will take you to the right place in the Urban Panorama.

Elegant Pain represents an attitude and a state. This is what Zetazen says, this is how the black & white and red of work define it and this is how each of the words that make up each hidden message hidden behind each phrase of this masterpiece manifests it. Elegant Pain is winter and it is Sunday. A dagger piercing a rose. An outlet for those who know the language.

11 tracks that make up this work and that has the collaborations of Recycled J in Escalofrío, forming a duo full of complicity, as we saw in Enemies and Ángela Rguez in Dos Veces, who adds a special ingredient, coming from flamenco, accompanying Zetazen in this fusion of styles.

In 2018 Zetazen continues to release singles and prepares a work with producer Naes Beats that finally came out in mid-2019.

“Supernova” with the producer Naes Beats is a work of 7 songs of which we already heard “Lie to me” (+ 1M of reproductions on Spotify) in 2018 and “No seré yo” and “Mal genio” with Natos that came out at the beginning from 2019. The other vocal collaboration of the EP it’s Kyotto on the song “Supernova.”

A new sound and a strong bet for the artist Zetazen


02 Apr 2022



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