She came to hip-hop, she confesses it herself, by pure chance, but now it will be difficult for the urban movement par excellence to do without Anier, because the Barcelona rapper is giving her brilliance, rotundity, treachery, daring, noise and fury .

Anier defends like no one else the territory of emotional desolation, honest and brutal confession, open-minded. His word I don’t know hides, gives away. It combines anger and emotion synthesizing, in direct and cutting phrases, personal and deep feelings. Anier bleeds, but not precisely from biting his lips, if not from the biting of his words.

It is fast and loaded, like an automatic repeating weapon, bullets where nobility obliges and emotionality rules, where Anier is sought, found, lost, and sought again. Daughter of the daughters of the boulevard of broken dreams, Anier has signed several of the best songs on the current hip-hop scene: “Fuego a trugua”, “Carnaza”, “Dopados horses”, “Escarlata”, “Feel it”, “ Shipwrecked ”or“ Oasis ”. The views of his videos are counted by the millions in an artistic-musical trajectory that barely reaches three years.

Their concerts are synonymous with adrenaline. Massive covens where the public is ecstatic with the witchcraft of the word, with the magical juggling of his merciless rhyme. And it is that Anier catches because he raps with extreme firmness without shunning the dark side or the sadness. She does not lie, because she is not afraid to expose her fear or to be perfectly imperfect. Anier sings his truths and his truth, which is not universal, but his and shows it in a devastating and categorical way.


23 Oct 2021





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